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Meta Cart is a small, elegant shopping cart application built with Ruby on Rails, sprinkled with Ajax and eye-catching visual effect goodness. It is named after our old domain

Note: Currently this project is not open source nor available for public downloads. There seems to be another similarly named application out there, but this project is not associated with it whatsoever. If you are interested in using our Meta Cart for your site, please contact us.


Store front: Ajax shopping cart, with fallback support when client has JavaScript disabled; eye-catching visual effects.

Control panel: Ajax in-place editing of system settings and translations; Textile markup for easy text formatting.

Multilingual user interface.


One of my friends in Taiwan has a client that runs a nice little Mediterranean restaurant, and they have some desserts they want to sell online.

Although there are some existing cart applications, I feel most of them are too complex, and something custom built would be better, easier to fit the store.


Meta Cart - Store Front Meta Cart - Control Panel


A demo is available where you can check out the store front, play with the control panel, and reset the database. It might be a good idea to do a reset before you try it – who knows who has been messing around?

Copyright Notice

The images you see in the demo are real product images. They will be using Meta Cart to sell their products when it is ready. The store have allowed us to use the images for design and testing purposes, but not for any other use.

So, for your eyes only, please.

Now for the fun stuff, please see the demo page.

Demo version: svn-r78_branch-tr


Store front style designed by my friend Tony.