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Feedweaver is an unique web feed aggregator that lets you create your own personalized RSS feeds.

You define a collection of source feeds and optionally some filters to include or exclude certain contents. Based on this, Feedweaver will put together all the relevant contents and present them in one personalized feed, just for you!


I originally started this project in August 2007, primarily because I am tired of tracking so many feeds, and there are too many random contents that I don’t want to see. I’ve been using Google Reader, but it does not have content filtering and other features that I wanted.

It begun as a very simple PHP prototype, using SimplePie feed parser, however I never got the time to work on it. Finally in the Second Semester of 2008, one of the internet engineering subject I was taking pratically let us do whatever we want for the term project, and that is what started the development of the second prototype using Ruby on Rails, which eventually leads to the current version.

Project Details

  • Powered by: Ruby on Rails
  • Current status: Public Beta
  • URL: (check it out!)