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Alan Peng, the Dojo Master

– Is a programmer. Loves web development, and also likes to program just about anything.

– Has a Master of Information Technology degree from the University of Melbourne.

– Has a Bachelor of Technology degree, with specialization in Information Technology, from the University of Auckland.

– Likes Cloud Computing, Web Frameworks, Open Source, Open Standards, AJAX, MVC, ORM, KISS.

– Loves to code random things, solve problems, learn new stuff, help people, or just mess around.

Meta Zero

Meta Zero (, domain no longer registered), 2003 – 2007. Alan’s first “official” website and Internet domain. It was decommissioned in July 2007 in order to change to a better hosting provider. This is why you might find references to the name “Meta” or “Meta Zero” in some older projects.

Bit Dojo

Since July 2007.

Bigger, badder, and better.

Main site powered by WordPress with custom theme and hacks. Background effects powered by BgSlide JS.

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Thank you for visiting the Bit Dojo, hope you enjoy all the random things here.