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Welcome to Bit Dojo, Alan‘s online command center sandbox… but instead of sand, we have dead links and outdated content… oh and don’t ask about the box…


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  • Photos
    Random pictures and images from this and that
    Hosted on Picasa Web Albums
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    a.k.a. the Department of Mysteries
  • Dojo Labs
    To boldly go where no bits have gone before…

Code and Software


  • DojoPager OS
    JS powered item pager with vertical scrolling effects
  • BgSlide OS
    Background image slideshow for your webpages
  • LinkSfx OS
    Special effects for your hyperlinks
  • DojoSfx OS Labs
    Experimental JS special effects library

Ruby on Rails

  • Feedweaver  WebApp 
    Create personalized RSS feeds
  • Meta Cart  Private 
    A small elegant shopping cart application


Windows Gadgets

  • NZ Stocks  OS 
    Monitor your favorite New Zealand stocks
  • Orcon Meter  OS 
    Keep an eye on your bandwidth usage

Machine Learning

  • Bmp2Arff  OS 
    Create spatial datasets from bitmap images



  • 2pxBorder
    Professional web design and development